Staging is changing the way homes are marketed today. Professional staging, or “restyling” can sell your home faster and possibly increase the final value by 10-50%.* The goal is to highlight features of the home and downplay any flaws.

Jana Thompson has been staging homes for nearly 10 years. Using your existing furniture and accents, she can take a “lived-in” home and re-style it so it appeals to a wider range of buyers.

Here are some tips:

De-clutter! Buyers like to see one or two family photos. Although you love your kids’ school paintings and a big shell from a recent holiday, they represent unnecessary clutter to a potential home buyer.

Add mirrors and lights in small rooms. They make a room appear bigger, more airy. Set the table. Use your best linens, dishes, cutlery and glassware.

Turn your bathroom in to a luxury spa. Change out your towels, rugs, and shower curtains for fresh, white ones. Clear the countertop. Fill the jet tub and fill with a light scented water.

Paint the walls a neutral tone, like white, taupe or grey. This allows the buyer to envision the room their own colour. Add a pop of colour with throw pillows or a bowl of red apples on the kitchen counter.

Staging can also be extremely beneficial if the home is vacant. In this case, staging involves adding furniture and accessories in order to create a warm, inviting space that has a wide appeal.

Make an emotional connection with potential buyers.
Call Jana Thompson to stage your home.

Jana’s Home Marketing Plan is targeted and effective. Step by step she will work alongside you to sell your home for the greatest profit so you can move on to your next home with more money in your pocket!


*The Times, “Setting the stage” by Anne Levin, 11/05