Selling Your Home

You know that your home is wonderful and worth a good price. But the key to is find the right buyer who sees what you see and is willing to pay the price you want.

Here’s how Jana Thompson will make sure you get maximum value for your home.

Jana’s Marketing Plan for Your Home

  • Price it right the first time. This is a critical step. Price it too high and it will sit on the market and lose some appeal. Price it too low and cheat yourself. Jana’s experience and insight will help guide you when setting your asking price.
  • Establish a Strong Online Marketing Presence. Many people think that a few ads in the local real estate flyer is enough. Jana believes that if you’re not online, you’re not reaching the buyers that are serious.  Inside and out, your home will be shown to the people looking for details and ready to make decisions.
  • Attractive and Detailed House Feature Sheet.  When people leave your house after a viewing, you want them to take away with them the very best impression. Jana’s Feature Sheets are details and well photographed. She specifically chooses the features that will give a buyer the most positive impression of your house’s special qualities.
  • Newspaper Announcements.  Of course, your home will be posted in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but you also want your house to attract attention through consistent listings in local media. Choosing the right media for this means knowing where your exact buyer is looking. Printed papers or online? Jana will put your where your buyer is looking.
  • Staging.  Nothing beats a warm and inviting first impression. Jana’s specialty is helping buyers picture themselves living happily in your home. She knows what people want to see…and what they DON’T want to see and will help you prepare for open houses.
  • Yes…the Open House. Jana knows that these can be stressful and she helps you through it. She’ll give you a checklist to make sure you are well prepared. You never know when the buyer will walk in the door!

No time is wasted when Jana Thompson is your real estate partner when selling your home. Trust her to find the right buyer and get you the best price possible.