Preparing for Your Open House

Buyers want to feel comfortable when viewing your home. Help them make the right decision.

  • Let them tour the house alone or with their real estate agent. They can’t speak freely with a seller following them around trying to point out the best features.
  • Have a welcoming scent, but nothing too powerful. Flower scents are personal and cause allergic reactions, but cinnamon reminds everyone of Grandma’s homecooking (cinnamon stick in a pot of water does not cause allergic reactions). And leave a cookie or two. Don’t disappoint them.
  • Leave out wrapped candy for a quick treat. And it can’t hurt to boost their energy levels if they’re tired after looking at multiple homes.
  • Keep the temperature a little warmer in winter and a little cooler in summer. Just a little. Comfort is the key!
  • Soft music calms the tired soul. Jazz or classical will calm the mind. Not too loud, though!
  • Set the diningroom table with your best china, flatware and crystal. Don’t forget the napkins!
  • Turn on water fountains so they can enjoy the soothing sounds of water. And fill the hot tub and leave it running so they can imagine themselves relaxing.
  • If a window opens to a neighbour’s wall or a garbage area, keep the blind partially down so the sight doesn’t offend.
  • Turn on lights! Bright means happy and open.
  • Turn off the t.v. It’s distracting and may not suit everyone’s taste.
  • Leave clearly written notes in critical spots where they buyer might have more questions: wood fireplace functionality, swimming pool, hot tub, etc.
  • Leave a thank you card at the door.